The Icelandic electronics musician Mugison regularly pulls the plug on his laptop and exchanges it for musicians of flesh and blood. He always succeeds in charming audiences with his magical, unpredictable numbers. For Mugison, music is one big, happy and sometimes mildly schizophrenic playground. In the meantime, his music has become so varied that he has been invited to support the alternative rockers Queens of the Stone Age, the electronica wizard Matthew Herbert, and his folky compatriot Emiliana Torrini.

‘The Loom of Mind’ not only reuses some of Mugison’s old material, but also includes healthy experimentation with new work. With no pattern or interconnecting thread, rock ‘n’ roll, blues, folk, triphop and electronica are woven into an unpredictable, baroque carpet of sound.


Mugison, Pétur Ben & B.O.X - music performance
Mugison - music, mirstumenti
Pieter Theuns - artistic director, theorbo & lute
Pétur Ben - arrangement, voice, guitar, keyboard, electronics

coproduction deSingel

photos: courtesy of Yvo Zels and Laura D'Halleweyn



Pétur Ben